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Supports for Family Doctors

A physician sitting at a desk, with a stethoscope to the side, looking at the screen of their laptop.

Access tools, resources and learning opportunities to meet today’s challenges

Discover and explore content tailored to help you excel in your role. Whether you’re seeking ways to improve your practice or make a positive impact on your patients’ lives, these resources are geared to supporting you with knowledge and practical tips needed to navigate the complexities of your profession successfully.

Managing Patient Flow (Team Triage)

Watch as Dr. Daniel Pepe shares valuable tips and strategies to improve access to care in your clinic and create a calm and less stressful environment for physicians and staff. Listen in as Dr. Pepe discusses how to take a ‘team’ approach to triage with the support of VOIP phone service.

Duration: 8 minutes

Alleviating Administrative Burden Through AI

Dr. Ali Damji shares his experience with adopting AI Scribe technology into his practice through a pilot project. Watch as Dr. Damji speaks about AI vendors, scribe functionality, patient consent, privacy advice and more.

Duration: 18 minutes


We’ve developed a measles resource that provides the most up-to-date information on prevention and management of suspected cases in your practice, as well as a one-page guide that you can share with your patients.

Writing Sick Notes

The OCFP has been advocating that the provincial government amend the Employment Standards Act to prohibit employers from requiring sick notes for short-term illnesses lasting 5 days or less. To help educate employers on changing their policies, the OCFP recommends including the PDF resource linked below in your EMRs and clinic workflows for sick notes. The EMR-integrated Sick Note Forms resource was developed, in partnership with the eHealth Centre of Excellence, for TELUS PS Suite, OSCAR Pro, and Accuro QHR. Visit the page linked below to download the package that applies to your EMR.

Continuity of Care Supports

Access a quick guide that summarizes key updates relevant to your practice, from the College of Physicians and Surgeons’ ‘Advice to the Profession: Continuity of Care’ document, and download letter templates to support you in communicating the appropriate scope of work to specialists.

Changing the Way We Work (COVID-19) Community of Practice Past Sessions

In these one-hour webinars, practicing family physicians share their perspectives on COVID-related topics and emerging issues affecting their practice.