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We know that family doctors care deeply for patients and want to make a difference in the community. But the current challenges are taking the joy out of your work and preventing you from doing what you most need and want to do, which is to spend time with patients. It’s hurting patients, family doctors and the profession overall.

It’s not ok.

We need our government and our partners in health care to know this too.

The OCFP is calling for meaningful changes to help family doctors today. Read on for updates on the action we are taking.

Standing up for Family Doctors

Latest updates:

Advocacy Alert – February 1, 2024

As a result of the advocacy efforts of OCFP and our partners – along with the pressing need for increased team support for family doctors as demonstrated through an Expression of Interest process …
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Advocacy Alert – January 25, 2024

This has been an especially difficult week for many as you received an update on possible Year 3 payments under the 2021 Physician Services Agreement. Additionally, fellow family doctors in Sault Ste. Marie have been dealing with a devastating situation…

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Political Action

Through forums, polls and Communities of Practice, the OCFP has heard from family doctors.

It’s not ok that family doctors are:

  • Spending up to 19 hours a week on administrative tasks, most of which is unnecessary.
  • Not benefitting from equitable access to team-based primary care.
  • Often on the receiving end of admin tasks/work downloaded by other health professionals.

Urgent Action Needed

The OCFP is advocating for urgent action to help family doctors today.

  • We must act not to cut down the unnecessary administrative burden that family doctors are experiencing.
  • Every family doctor, regardless of what payment model you work in, needs access to team supports.

Raising Our Voices for Family Doctors

Political Action

We are focused on bringing urgently needed changes to help family doctors in their practice right now.

Media Headlines

The OCFP is proactively raising the issues family doctors are facing in the media.

What’s Next?

The OCFP will not stop advocating until your remuneration, relief from the untenable amounts of unpaid administrative work, and your ability to care for patients within the full scope of your training have been realized. We want our members to achieve a work-life balance that brings meaning and fulfillment to your careers as you provide the most essential medical care to all Ontarians.

Speak Out!

Join the OCFP in speaking out in media and have your voice heard.