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Fair Remuneration

Like other small businesses, family doctors are struggling with rising costs.

A family doctor’s office runs just like a small business, with costs for staff, rent and equipment. On average, 33% of a family doctor’s funding from government goes to paying business expenses.* But unlike other small businesses, Ontario’s family doctors can’t increase their prices to cover the growing costs of running their practice.

With costs continuing to rise, family doctors are telling us that they are struggling to keep up with the growing expenses of running a family doctors office. Some are deciding to close their doors.

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Staff Cost Increases

Family doctors hire admin staff, nursing staff and more to support their patients.

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Equipment and Technology Increases

Family doctors buy their own medical supplies and devices including technology, with some reporting spending nearly $6,000 a year in digital health costs.

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Office Rental Increases

Family doctors are responsible for finding and financing their own offices.

On Social Media

We’re raising our voice for family doctors.

The OCFP has posted a statement and has shared infographics and quotes from our members to highlight the challenges family doctors are facing due to the rising costs of family practice.

Government funding must keep up with the rising costs of running a family doctor’s office. Let family doctors focus on seeing more patients; not worry about keeping their doors open. 

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(Ottawa and Toronto office rental rates); and PwC Study of Physician Income, Hours of Work and Overhead.