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Certify a Program for Mainpro+ credits

How to Certify a Program

As a chapter of the CFPC, OCFP is responsible for managing program applications to certify 1-credit-per-hour Mainpro+ courses offered across Ontario.

As a CPD provider, offering Mainpro+ certification:

  • Demonstrates your commitment to the development and delivery of quality education for family physicians.
  • Assists family physicians in meeting Mainpro+ requirements to maintain their CFPC membership.

A physician sits at a laptop to type. In the foreground, a stethoscope sits on the table near them.

Required Mainpro+ Program Documents:

The following documents will be requested to be uploaded to the Cert+ application.


Fees for an Ontario Mainpro+ application will depend on whether the program has received for-profit support or not.

Ethical Reviews / Sessions

To ensure that Mainpro+ certified CPD programs continue to focus on the educational needs of family physicians, the CFPC has instituted a formal ethical review process for all live (in-person or virtual) Mainpro+ certified programs that have received financial or in-kind support from a for-profit organization.

Quick Tips

Tools & Resources

Here are some additional helpful Tools and Resources to consider when developing a program seeking Mainpro+ certification.

Frequently Asked Questions