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Blue Block Quote

This is a custom block quote, the text is always blue and right-aligned

Any content not in the blue block quote will appear here, to the left

Blue Callout Block

Block title here

Block content goes here

A button can be added

Purple List Block

Title goes here
This block is meant for list items. It is always purple and will always be right-aligned
List item #1 List item #2 List item #3

Any content not in the purple list block will appear here, to the left.


Single Button

Single buttons can be aligned left, center, or right.

Group of Buttons

If multiple buttons are needed, a grid of buttons can be created using the Button Group block. The buttons are will appear from left to right.

Staff Listing

Staff can be displayed using the staff listing block. The block pulls from the staff profiles in the “Staff” custom post type.


Coloured Call-Outs

Coloured sections of text can be applied across the site. To add a specially coloured call-out block, follow the steps below:

  1. Highlight any content that will appear in the coloured section
  2. Click the '...' and then select "Group"
    • The grouped items will become the coloured section
  3. Select the group, then in the block settings, choose your background colour
  4. Add the custom CSS class "round-corner-box"
  5. You now have a custom coloured call out block!

Here is an example of a custom coloured call-out block

Here is some text in the call-out block