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Dr. Paul Hoogeveen

Practice Model: GP Focused Practice

OCFP Programs: Peer Connect

Clinical Interest: Addiction Medicine, Chronic Pain


Dr. Paul Hoogeveen graduated from the University of Toronto in 1993, and, over the course of his career, has practiced in emergency medicine (in both rural and urban settings), prehospital care, addiction, chronic pain, medical education, and medical direction.

He has 20 years’ experience as a prehospital medical director, most recently with Sunnybrook Hospital, as well as community-based practices in chronic pain and addiction for the last 15 years. He currently has a focused practice in chronic pain and holds a CFPC Certificates of Added Competence in Emergency and Addiction Medicine.

Dr. Hoogeveen is a Diplomate of the Canadian Academy of Pain Management.

He also has 25 years of experience in critical appraisal of research and knowledge translation applying the principles of evidence-based medicine.