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Dr. Nikki Bozinoff (she/her)

Practice Model: GP Focused Practice

OH Region: Toronto Region (TC)

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Dr. Nikki Bozinoff is physician in the Concurrent Outpatient Medical and Psychosocial Addiction Support Service at CAMH. She is also the Division Head, Mental Health and Addictions in the Department of Family and Community Medicine, and Program Director for the Enhanced Skills in Addiction Medicine program, University of Toronto. Her clinical work is in the management of substance use disorders and concurrent mental illness. She received her MD from McMaster University, completed her residency in Family Medicine at the University of Toronto and her fellowship in Addiction Medicine at the British Columbia Centre on Substance Use.

Areas of Research

Dr. Bozinoff is interested in action-oriented, mixed methods approaches to exploring topics of importance to urban, underserved communities. Her current work seeks broadly to answer clinical questions in the management of substance use disorders. Ongoing projects include a comparative ethnography to understand the implementation of buprenorphine induction pathways in two urban emergency departments. She is also currently using administrative health from ICES to inform clinical practice related to opioid agonist therapy and benzodiazepine deprescribing in Ontario.

Communities Served

Dr. Bozinoff cares for diverse people with substance use disorders and concurrent mental illness in Toronto, Ontario.

OCFP Programs

Mental Health and Addictions (Practising Well) Community of Practice

Clinical Interest

Addiction Medicine