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Dr. Marina Abdel Malak (she/her)

Headshot of Dr. Marina Abdel Malak.

“Being a family physician means that I have the opportunity to work with people of all ages. The relationship between a family doctor and their patients is truly unique. When people ask me what I specialize in, I say – everything! I’m a family doctor!”

Clinical Interest: Psychiatry Mental Health, Chronic Pain, Physician Wellness

Identifies As: Arab/West Asian

Languages Spoken: Arabic, English

Preferred Communication Method: Phone, Email

Practice Model: Family Health Organization (FHO)

OH Region: Central Region (MH/CW/C/NSM)


Dr. Malak graduated from U of T Family Medicine, during which she spent a considerable time focusing on leadership, education, and mental health. She took various courses that certified her in CBT, DBT, and EFT, and she has training in treating eating disorders, depression, and anxiety.

Her passion for helping others motivated her to pursue further education and training in these areas to support her patients and colleagues.

Her interest in medical education is satisfied through various initiatives. Aside from teaching residents and students, she is a member of the CFPC Continuing Education Committee. As part of this work, she works with a team to ensure that MainPro standards are updated, adhered to, and regularly reviewed. This experience has been helpful in understanding and supporting colleagues in their journeys towards continuing medical education. She is also the Family Medicine Rounds Chair at Trillium Health Partners, where she leads the Continuing Medical Education program for primary care.

In her spare time, Dr. Malak enjoys yoga, reading, and writing. She has her own podcast called ‘3P – pills, pearls, and patients’. She is an avid crafter and puzzler, and treasures time spent with her family. Oh, and she loves puns – they are quite humerus!

Communities Served

Dr. Malak works in Mississauga. The community is very diverse in terms of ethnic backgrounds, religions, cultures, and family units, and has a large population of new immigrants, families who have moved, couples with children, and elderly patients in retirement.

OCFP Programs

Peer Connect

Clinical Interest

Psychiatry Mental Health, Chronic Pain, Physician Wellness