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Dr. Lisa Del Giudice (she/her)

Practice Model: Family Health Team – Family Health Organization (FHT – FHO)

OH Region: Toronto Region (TC)


Dr. Lisa Del Giudice is a comprehensive family physician in the Sunnybrook Academic Family Health Team. She has a large geriatric and complex patient practice. She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Family & Community Medicine, University of Toronto.

She has had a career-long interest in cancer that began over 30 years ago and currently holds a leadership role as the Primary Care Lead for the Toronto Regional Cancer Program.

Her ultimate vision is to reduce the morbidity and mortality of cancer by improving care across the cancer continuum, from screening and symptom presentation to survivorship and end of life care. She has attempted to achieve this goal through research, development of models of care as well as extensive knowledge dissemination efforts.

Communities Served

Dr. Del Giudice serves a suburban comprehensive practice from birth to death, large geriatric /complex patient practice; also cancer related clinics.

Past Sessions

  • Mindful Medicine: Adapting and learning to cope with uncertainty – March 22, 2023 Practising Well CoP

OCFP Programs

Practising Well

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