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Dr. Katherine Kilpatrick (she/her)

Headshot of Dr.Katherine Kilpatrick.

“I love helping my patients, staff, friends, family and myself to be healthier and happier through a preventative/lifestyle medicine approach to health. This involves working on healthy diet, exercise, sleep, stress management, supportive relationships and avoiding toxins.”

OCFP Programs: Peer Connect

Clinical Interest: Psychiatry Mental Health, Physician Wellness, Care of the Elderly

Identifies As: White (Caucasian)

Languages Spoken: English

Preferred Communication Method: Video Conference

Practice Model: Fee for Service (FFS)

OH Region: East Region (CE/SE/CH)


Dr Kilpatrick is a Family Physician with a Diploma in Care of the Elderly who practices Primary Care and Preventative/Lifestyle Medicine for adult patients through the Health for Life Medical Centre in Kingston Ontario. She is also a LTC physician and Medical Director at Fairmount Home in Glenburnie.

She holds a Queen’s University academic appointment as Assistant Professor, Adjunct 1 in Family Medicine and teaches about Exercise in the Elderly to the Medical Students and Residents in their Geriatrics rotation.

Dr. Kilpatrick does her best to practice and role-model healthy behaviours including work-life balance, but finds it a challenge, as do all physicians, in our current health care environment. She finds benefit in nature therapy through visits to the cottage, reading, exercise, mindfulness and plant-based cooking with her husband.

Communities Served

At the Fairmount Home, Dr. Kilpatrick sees a typical LTC population.

Health for Life Medical Centre, Dr. Kilpatrick cares for adults over age 40 who are looking for a multi-disciplinary, team-based lifestyle medicine approach to preventative health.