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Dr. Jobin Varughese

Jobin Varughese, seen from the shoulders up, wearing a blue suit jacket, pink collared shirt, and checkered tie. He is smiling and wearing square glasses

Dr. Jobin Varughese completed a Bachelor of Arts, Pre-Medicine program at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico, followed by medical school in the West Indies at Medical University of the Americas. He later completed a residency program and geriatric fellowship at William Beaumont Hospital in Michigan. Following his education, Dr. Varughese made his way to the Greater Toronto Area to begin working in complex care, rehabilitation, long-term care and family health team environments. Since 2011, he has offered his expertise to students, first through his affiliation with the University of Toronto and later at McMaster University. Dr. Varughese has been an OCFP Board Director since 2019. He has acted as a committee member with the College of Family Physicians of Canada, taking on Chair-Elect of the Section of Teachers. He has also offered his time to Pallium Canada as a scientific consultant, along with serving as an ambassador to the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care and as Chief Medical Officer of Currant Care. He also continues to work as a Comprehensive Family Physician at Queen Square Family Health Team in Brampton.