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Dr. Shanti Rao (Her/She)

Headshot of Dr. Rao Shanti

I love providing psychotherapy, mindfulness and DBT to teens, children and families who struggle with emotional regulation and teaching them skills from DBT and watching them cope well and flourish. My other interests are working with anxiety, depression and grief, utilizing CBT and mindful art therapy healing techniques.

Languages Spoken: English

Preferred Communication Method: Phone, Email, Video Conference

Practice Model: Solo and Telemedicine


Dr. Shanti Rao received her MD and completed her family medicine residency at the University of Calgary twenty four years ago. Dr. Rao practices full time GP psychotherapy with a focus on  DBT for children, teens and families.  She treats borderline seasonality disorder and uses CBT in her work with those suffering from grief, anxiety and depression. Her main focus is  providing DBT to teens, children and families.

Dr. Rao’s also teaches DBT group therapy for emotional regulation to adults with anxiety, borderline personality disorder, ADHD, trauma and depressive disorders.  She employs  a variety  of mindfulness techniques in her practice, having learned and practised yoga and meditation techniques for over twenty five years. She creates art and uses art therapy, and other creative intervention, in her treatment of teens and adults and creates inspirational art and mindfulness content on social media. 

Dr. Rao teaches at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry in Windsor as an Adjunct Professor of Medicine.  She has a special interest in physician wellness, with many physicians in her practice, and  receives and works with the Physician Health Program at the OMA. She has also received the Fellowship designation (FCFP).  In her free time she enjoys mindfulness practice, yoga, spending time in nature and  creating art in watercolor and acrylic.  She also likes traveling, hiking, swimming  and tennis.

Communities Served

Dr. Rao works with kids, teens and adults suffering from anxiety, depression, in Windsor,  the GTA, Timmins and Northern communities.