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Year Three Compensation Update 

January 25, 2024

The Ontario College of Family Physicians (OCFP) is hearing from many family doctors that they are extremely disappointed with news about the possible Year 3 compensation adjustment stemming from the 2021-24 PSA.  

The OCFP recognizes and supports the role of the OMA to negotiate with the Ministry of Health. However, we are also a voice for family medicine and have been steadfast in advocating on behalf of family doctors. 

We share our members’ concerns that compensation is not keeping pace with inflationary pressures and does not reflect the complex care family doctors provide to patients across the province. On top of that, family doctors in Ontario are already facing unrelenting challenges – many lack team support, are trying to manage small businesses, and are facing overwhelming administrative tasks. 

The crisis in family medicine is escalating. There are already 2.3 million Ontarians without a family doctor – and the problem is growing – with 1 in 4 Ontarians projected to be without one by 2026.  

Ontario can’t afford to lose any more family doctors and should be doing everything it can to retain the physicians we have and recruit the family doctors of the future. It is imperative that we ensure family doctors have the support they need to carry out their vital work on behalf of their patients and communities. 

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