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Breaking bad: Strategies and tips to decrease nicotine use

Smoking can cause serious health issues and is the leading cause of death among substance use disorders. Connect with your fellow family doctors as we share personal experiences with managing patients who smoke.

Recognizing and treating pelvic pain in women

Women’s pain issues, including menstrual and pregnancy related pain, can often go dismissed due to a lack of training in pelvic pain. This can lead to the undertreatment of pain symptoms in women.

Helpful approaches to insomnia

Insomnia can be caused by multiple factors and may require a longer appointment, but family doctors don’t always have the time. If the issue is not addressed, overreliance on sleep aids can lead to patient dependency and poor sleep can lead to substance use, as well as decreased productivity and mood.

Helping patients manage cannabis dependencies

Legalized cannabis and the marketing of its products has led to patients experiencing an increased dependency on cannabis to manage pain and anxiety. Family doctors don’t always know when cannabis is indicated and the messaging available may come from sources with a conflict of interest.

Addressing patients with personality disorder

There are few treatment options for patients with personality disorders and these patients can pose a challenge for doctors and clinic staff, leading to burnout.

Strategies and tips for treating non-migraine headaches

It can be difficult to pinpoint the cause of a non-migraine headache and symptoms can be vague. If left untreated, headaches can lead to poor mood, sleep and a reduced quality of life.

Improving burnout with time management

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The increased administrative burden on family doctors, along with a rise in complex patient cases, have led to extended work hours, leading to burnout within family medicine.

Effective strategies for Benzodiazepine weaning in patient care

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It is often difficult to help patients wean off benzodiazepines (benzos), especially if the patient has been using this medication for a long time and alternative treatments do not work as well for them.

Power over pain: Managing patients with chronic pain

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There is a large differential for chronic pain and it can be difficult to address. Some patients with chronic pain take high amounts of opioids, leading to discomfort with continuing the prescription.

Peer Connect Small Group Learning

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Join us for a series of small group learning sessions where family physicians are encouraged to celebrate successes and explore the challenges they experience practicing family medicine.

Approaches to caring for anxious patients

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Patients with anxiety can often overuse health-care resources by presenting multiple health concerns to their physician. Family doctors can face difficulty if the cause of a patient’s concern is anxiety.

Managing alcohol use: Understanding updated recommendations

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Harmful use of alcohol contributed to 17,000 deaths in Canada in 2020, with an estimated $6.3 billion spent that year on healthcare cost related to alcohol use.