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Our Mission, Vision and Values

As a member association our mandate is to develop and provide education, leadership, advocacy and research initiatives that will support family physicians across Ontario to offer the highest quality primary health care to their patients.

As the only provincial organization that represents more than 13,500 family physicians, we aim to inform the ways in which legislation, policy and practice affect the lives of both family physicians and patients in Ontario.


Family Physicians – Leaders for a Healthy Ontario

We are firmly committed to ensuring that family physicians are effective, visible leaders in the delivery of primary care and in health policy development in Ontario. As family physician leaders individually and collectively, the OCFP wants to ensure that high quality primary care is central to a health system that supports optimal health for all residents of Ontario.


Supporting Ontario family physicians through education, leadership, research and advocacy, to deliver high-quality health care.

Our mandate is to support family physicians across the province, and to advocate on their behalf for policy, legislative and other factors that will enhance their ability and capacity to deliver high-quality care to patients.


Our values are the foundational principles that ground our work.

  • We value the role of family physicians and advocate for their essential role in health care.
  • We value the views and needs of our membership and reflect them in our work.
  • We value and contribute to high quality, accessible, patient-centred health care for all Ontarians.
  • We value excellence in professional development based on evidence.
  • We value proactive leadership and collaboration with partners.