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CaRMS Match: Message from our President

April 28, 2023

Dear aspiring family physician,

As President of the Ontario College of Family Physicians, I would like to recognize those who have just matched to family medicine, and those of you currently in your residencies.

For those of you who have just matched, congratulations and welcome! We look forward to having you join this amazing profession. Each of you has chosen to become a family physician during one of the most challenging times our profession has faced. Thank you.

As you may have started to experience, being a family physician truly is a privilege. We develop lifelong relationships as we support our patients in their healthcare journeys. We connect with our patients on a human level, listening to their stories and gaining an understanding of the challenges they have faced. Sometimes, we hear things they’ve never shared with anyone else. We become a trusted advisor and advocate as we help our patients navigate our incredibly complex health care system.

Some say that we are the heart and soul of the healthcare system, and I fully agree!

There is no doubt that you are joining a profession that makes a difference in patients’ lives. However, we know that there are current challenges in the system that impact our ability to do what we most want: spend time with our patients.

The Ontario College of Family Physicians is committed to advocating on behalf of our members and presenting solutions for system-wide changes – so that you can focus on the things that bring you joy in your work as a family physician.

We look forward to staying connected with you as you start your family medicine residency. I am so incredibly inspired by and proud of your choice to become a family physician. Please remember the profound impact you will have on the lives of so many others.


Dr. Mekalai Kumanan,

President, Ontario College of Family Physicians

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